Find yourself in an inspiring setting overlooking at the never-ending sea, wake up home, unwind with a book or a morning cup of coffee, feel the sea breeze on your skin, smell the scents of the flowered gardens and dive in the pool. This is not a dream… it’s your reality.

Luxury is harmony. Nostos Eco Living is about balancing and reconnecting with nature. Perfectly adapted and with great respect to its environment, Nostos is taking full advantage of its privileged location and the Mediterranean climate and collaborates with nature in all aspects. From energy efficiency measures to “from field to fork” practices, Nostos applies a strategy that accomplishes a fine symbiosis between nature and human.

At the same time, Nostos’ responsible use of the limited resources of our planet leads to productivity increase and reduced costs. Therefore, villa owners enjoy all benefits -ecological and economic- that stem from sustainable development and the residencies’ right to be operated.
Enjoy a holistic approach of living and fulfillment in Nostos Eco Living!

Organic & local food

Food waste reduction

Heat pumps


LED lights

Zero fossil fuel

Desalinated water

Solar water heaters

External thermal insulation systems

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Limenas Hersonissou 700 14, Crete, Greece

About Nostos Eco Living

This is Nostos Eco Living Villas.
A selection of modern, luxurious Villas in Crete characterized by harmony and eco-philosophy.

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