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Anything related to each home’s flawless operation, technical maintenance and Wi-Fi connection is ensured by Aldemar’s experienced professional team. Routine maintenance or any other matter rests upon the experts who ensure that everything in your home always run like a Swiss watch. As for the exterior, the surrounding environment and the complex’s common areas are well kept as year-round gardening and cleaning services are provided by Aldemar Resorts. Hassle free living and perfect operational condition.
Gastronomy in Nostos is a crossroads of tradition, fine cuisine and eco-philosophy. A variety of restaurants and bars offer to Villa owners quality gastronomic experiences based on the values of balance, locality, seasonality and the food waste reduction. Villa owners have the privilege to indulge in fine tastes, explore the Mediterranean and the Cretan cuisine and enjoy unique venues. The private Villa Restaurant & bar offer exclusivity and distinctiveness, whereas more concept restaurants and bars create a convivial and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Nostos Eco Living Villas is much more than a holiday home. It’s an investment in your future and happiness. Get the key of your property and decide the best use of it based on your needs and wants. Enjoy a perfect holiday home or make your investment a profitable source of income. The Villas & Apartments owners are entitled to arrange the sublease of their home. However, owners may also outsource the task and allow Aldemar Resorts to manage and run their property. In this case, the Aldemar specialized property rental team organizes all arrangements, operates and subleases the home on behalf of the owners and under the best conditions. In this case owners make the most out of their investment and enjoy a lucrative property hassle-free. Live your home or let it serve you without stress or any hassle.
Nothing will disturb the Villas’ peaceful and safe environment. Safety is priority and to this end the discreet security staff and the main gate's constant monitoring keep the entire area safe 24 hours a day, all year round.
The complex provide private parking area for its residents and guests.
Villa owners are entitled to enjoy all services and facilities of the adjacent 5-star hotel, Aldemar Knossos Royal (according to its operating period). A wide range of activities and water sports, a modern fitness center, tennis courts, spa facilities, children facilities as well as more a la carte restaurants and bars, form fascinating a world to explore.

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This is Nostos Eco Living Villas.
A selection of modern, luxurious Villas in Crete characterized by harmony and eco-philosophy.

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